Walt Disney World Strategies for a Better Vacation


While most everyone who visits Walt Disney World loves it, there have been a series of common complaints from many people regarding their visit. There have long been the infamous stories of hours-long lines (largely eliminated with the FastPass), the nerve-wracking crowds, and the stifling heat and humidity. While it is true that these complaints have their valid origins, the majority of those making these complaints are those visiting during peak visiting times of the year. Also, there has been a beaten path that most seem to follow but can be easily avoided when visiting. This article contains a series of tips and strategies Disney World visitors can employ to make a big difference.

§ Avoid peak seasons when at all possible. While most understand that the summer (and virtually every holiday) is Disney World?'s busiest period, many don?'t realize how different things are during quieter times. Actually, the quieter times can be so quiet that crowds are not just lean, but virtually absent. These quieter times feature almost nonexistent lines, so the popular FastPass system often goes unneeded. The quietest periods for Disney World are during October, November, and the first two weeks of December. Things pick up for the winter holidays, and then slope down quickly after the first week of January. Things will pick up some for the spring, particularly during Spring Break, and then fluctuate some until the summer returns. Consider the fall season whenever possible, and pursue the possibilities.

§ Don?'t follow the crowd. While this isn?'t common knowledge, most Disney World visitors leave home on the last workday (Friday) and prepare over the weekend to visit the parks beginning on Monday. The first one visited is the most known and popular, which is the Magic Kingdom, followed by Epcot, and then Disney?'s Hollywood Studios and Disney?'s Animal Kingdom bring up the latter part of the week. While this isn?'t case for all, since many people vacation more than one week and their schedules may work differently, the order of things mentioned here seems common enough. Monday is usually the Magic Kingdom?'s busiest day and Epcot?'s busiest is Tuesday, particularly during the peak periods. The simple advice here is reverse the order. Visit the Studios or Animal Kingdom earlier in the week and the Magic Kingdom last. This little piece of advice can make a big difference.

§ The weather. There?'s no way around that the Florida weather is the worst during the summer. It is way too hot and muggy to really enjoy it unless you?'re on the beach, and then there?'s the chance of hurricanes. If you?'re in a built-up park, it can be potentially dangerous. But this summer heat really is confined to the summer. Sure, there are days during the winter that are great for shorts and tank tops, but the warmth is pleasant. During October and November, it isn?'t unusual to have days with highs in the low eighties and lows in the sixties. That, combined with a noticeable drop in the humidity makes for a wonderful day. Yes, Florida winters can offer cold weather (with lows well below freezing), but these instances are usually just cold snaps that offer a warming trend within days.

§ The children?'s summer vacation opposed to the family vacation. Really take the time to investigate the options of taking the family on a Disney vacation during the school months, such as October. There are numerous families who do this regularly, so the option has to be available. While this may depend on various factors such as school curriculum and the state of challenge your child may be having as a student (how are their grades?), the opportunities may be more attainable than many may presume. A vacation lasting a week to two weeks can be accommodated with some advance homework and lessons to study while on vacation. This possibility would allow for the student to remain current with the remainder of the class yet still enjoy a great vacation. It?'s smart to realize that a family vacation during the quieter and more comfortable time of year can bring indescribable value to the vacation. This, when combined with Central Florida and Southeast deals galore during the fall and none during the summer, the motivation to pursue the options continually accumulates.

The option of being in the financially secure position to pursue a Disney World vacation isn?'t easily earned, so when it is, those who earn it seek a tremendous vacation. Through employing strategies aimed directly at the root dissatisfactions of the stereotypical family Disney vacation, attaining the ideal family Disney vacation seems more apparent. So, providing more families choose the options allowing for a better vacation, the less common the infamous stories will be.

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