Train Travel Checklist: Plan A Train Journey

If you want to plan a train travel journey, you'll want to make sure you follow a checklist so you don't end up stranded in a foreign country without something really important. Make sure you pack the following items before you leave for your next train trip:

Train Ticket
Designate a secure, easy-to-access pocket for your ticket and other important papers. Keep this on your person at all times so that even if you lose your luggage or are mugged, you will still have your ticket and ID.

If you're traveling out of the country, make sure you have this and your other personal identification papers.

Important Phone Numbers
Make a list of important numbers. These can be from your destination points and from back home. You'll want to have the phone numbers for the following: your hotel or hostel, people you hope to visit, emergency contacts back home, the train station, and any future destination locales.

Pocket Translator Guide
If you're traveling out of the country, pick up a small pocket translation device to help you communicate.

Make sure you have information about the cities you are visiting so you don't end up wandering around the countryside looking for things to do. Research and plan your trip in advance so you know what you're trying to see when you get dropped off at the train station after your long trip.

Confirmation Papers
Book your accommodations ahead of time and have the confirmation papers with you so you don't get stranded in a foreign country without a place to stay. Remember: train schedules may get delayed, and you could end up looking for shelter in the middle of the night if you don't have reservations.

Transportation Information
You'll want to read up on the best transportation methods from the train station to your accommodations.  Make sure you have what you'll need to get where your going, whether that be proper currency or phone numbers to call.

Comfortable Shoes
You may do a lot of walking in the train station and on your way to your accommodations, so make sure you bring comfortable shoes along with your fancy shoes for going out at night.

Wrinkle-resistant Clothes
You're going to want to change after a long train ride, and you may not have access to laundry facilities or an iron.

Compact Travel Pillow
Most trains do not provide a good place to rest your head. Bring a pillow so you won't be leaning against the cold, hard window of the train.

Compact Travel Blanket
Some trains can get pretty cold. You will want a travel blanket so you can cozy up and take a nap.

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