What to Pack When You Travel By Train

If you're going to be traveling by train, you will have to pack light and plan on a long ride. This necessitates a unique packing strategy. If you're going to be taking many different trains in succession, such as if you plan to travel Europe by train, you'll especially want to take heed to these packing suggestions.

Invest in Light, Easy to Stow Luggage
You'll be hauling your luggage through train stations, into cabs and around foreign cities, so you want to use luggage that is light, durable, compact and has wheels and a handle.  You may even be interested in investing in a backpack and a small piece of luggage so you can handle carrying both pieces long distances. Test out your luggage set in your home, envisioning yourself in the station and boarding the train. Take it up and down the stairs a few times; try stowing it on a high shelf.  

Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Clothes
You want to pack as lightly as possible, so pack clothes that you can mix and match to create a variety of outfits while using as few clothes as possible. Remember that you may not have access to an iron and laundering facilities may not be ideal. You want to pack clothes that weigh little, take up little room and will work when pulled out at the last minute after a long train ride when you're desperate to freshen up.

Make Room for a Small Travel Pillow
You may have a little more leg room on a train than on a plane, but will probably be no soft place to lay your head. Invest in a compact, memory foam travel pillow. Look for one with antibacterial properties so you don't pick up germs from other travelers. You'll be glad you did when you need to take a nap.

Bring Along a Thin Travel Blanket
You really don't want to use the same blanket other travelers have used, do you? Bring your own light blanket in case temperatures run cold.

Your Train Passes and Accompanying Paperwork
Make sure you have your train passes, your passport and personal identification.

Travel by train is becoming more popular because it offers a view of the scenery at a discount price. Enjoy your trip more by packing wisely.

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