Take a Volunteer Vacation and Travel with a Purpose

Volunteering is important and one of the most rewarding things a person can do. But it isn't always easy to do, as everyday life often gets in the way. Choosing a time when you are free of those distractions can be a good way to jump start your charity contribution. So skip the tourism -- take a volunteer vacation and travel with a purpose.


As with any trip, the cost of a volunteer vacation varies considerably. With volunteer vacations, there is an even wider range of costs because some opportunities can reduce expenses while others are more expensive. The basic price you should expect to pay is a minimum of about $1,000 a week with the price rising for more dangerous and remote locations. The good news is that this cost will generally cover everything, including airfare, food and lodgings. Volunteer vacations may also be tax deductible, which can help reduce the overall the cost.

Types of charities

Virtually any major type of charity has some type of volunteer vacation opportunity. Among the most common of these are ecological organizations, disaster relief and economic development. So, whether you want to help save the endangered sea turtles or teach English in one of the poorest parts of the world, you'll find many different opportunities. For those with specialized skills, these opportunities are even more varied.


All vacations are about memories more than the trip itself. Seeing the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall of China may leave you with great pictures and a story or two, but the right volunteer vacation may change your life and the life of others. So, if you want memories that will stick with you long after the trip is over, take a volunteer vacation and travel with a purpose. It will be a lot of work, but there is no better way to help you recharge your passion for life than doing something you truly care about.

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Careers in community development are a way to help the many people around the world with their communities.You can help people in need by participating in overseas community development work during your next vacation. 

Perhaps it was baby boomers lost opportunities (or those that they gained) with groups such as The Peace Corps, that provided the inspiration for today's booming volunteer vacation industry. On the other hand, perhaps the trend was motivated by frugal explorers eager for an adventure and willing to work for it.
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Volunteer vacations offer you the chance to experience different cultures close up and hands-on by participating in a variety of humanitarian and conservation projects taking place in the local communities.

You can combine good works and your next vacation by looking into volunteer programs abroad. This will enable you to make a difference in others' lives, learn about different people and cultures in a meaningful manner and still have a terrific vacation.

Consider becoming an environmental conservation volunteer and make a difference in ecosystems around the world. There are environmental conservation volunteer opportunities worldwide where you can escape from your daily life and help maintain a better Earth.

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