What to Look for in a Canoe Rack

Canoeing doesn't require a great deal of accessories, which is great for minimalists. A canoe rack is one of the few that you will need, and it is an important one. A canoe rack protects your canoe from being damaged by other objects or elements, whether it is being transported or stored at home. You can buy a temporary car canoe rack or a permanent one. A permanent canoe rack is screwed onto the roof of your car. This is something you can do yourself, but many people have them professionally installed to eliminate error (and the stress of putting screws in your car).

Stability should be the key feature of a solid storage canoe rack. Look for a canoe rack with padding to offer stability to your canoe as it is being transported. Padding will also protect your canoe from being damaged during sudden, sharp movements. A canoe rack should also come with straps and tie downs so that you can ensure that your canoe will stay on top of your car. The last thing you want is a canoe tumbling off of your station wagon on the highway.

If you'll often be loading and unloading your canoe by yourself, look for a canoe rack which makes this as simple as possible. Some canoe racks offer a retractable extension bar that allows you to get your canoe on top of your car with ease.

For home storage of your canoe, look for either a wall-mounted canoe rack or a freestanding rack. A wall-mounted canoe rack is good for homes or garages without a lot of floor space. Look for one that is adjustable to accommodate different sized canoes. A freestanding canoe rack can be mounted to the floor for added stability and can hold several canoes.

Canoe racks can be bought at outdoor sporting goods stores or online. You can often find great deals on used canoe racks, making this purchase a no-brainer.

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Canoeing and kayaking lets you experience the world from a new perspective and get some good exercise doing it. You can find boat rentals for kayaks and canoes in your area that will help you get a feel for the sport before you invest in your own equipment.

Learning how to buy a kayak can seem overwhelming, but if you break things down to the basics, you'll find that it's quite easy.

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Ocean kayaks are sturdy pieces of equipment that can withstand mild abuse, but that doesn't mean a little TLC won't help them to last longer. Recreational kayaks should be examined regularly for damage so that you can make repairs sooner rather than later. This can save you money and might make the difference between a simple repair and having to purchase a new kayak.

Checklist to learn how to canoe with these great canoeing tips that will keep you safe.

The history of canoeing dates back thousands of years and remains a popular sport and recreational activity in the US.

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