Are Inflatable Kayaks Worth the Money

Inflatable kayaks sound like a dream come true. Lightweight, easy to transport and store, but are they as good as they sound? Here's the breakdown on inflatable kayaks.

A standard kayak's size and weight is often a detriment. Regular kayaks must be transported in trucks, vans or on top of cars. Taking a kayak on vacation with you on a plane is virtually unheard of. An inflatable kayak on the other hand can be taken just about anywhere. At ten to twelve feet long and weighing between twenty-five and fifty pounds, it's much easier to carry. Plus, once deflated, an inflatable kayak can be stuffed into a suitcase and brought across the country.

Inflatable kayaks do a great job staying above water. If you fall out of your kayak, climbing back into an inflatable kayak is much easier.

Inflatable fishing kayaks are easy to maneuver in flat water and are incredibly easy to paddle, making them ideal for fishermen. But keep in mind that inflatable kayaks aren't meant for truly advanced kayaking. Many of those fancy moves you're accustomed to will be impossible to do.

An inflatable kayak can be used in many different surroundings. That includes class IV whitewater, provided the kayak is made of quality material. They can also hold a lot of gear: up to 600 pounds of it.

Easily Damaged
Even though it's made from sturdy material, an inflatable kayak is still prone to damage. It's not quite as easy as you may think, but it does happen. In the event that your inflatable kayak does suffer an injury, a patch kit is generally included. Many of these kits will have your kayak up and running in half an hour.

Inflatable kayaks are more affordable than standard kayaks, coming in at about $300. This is ideal for someone who is just getting into kayaking and isn't sure whether it will be a life-long hobby.

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Ocean kayaks are sturdy pieces of equipment that can withstand mild abuse, but that doesn't mean a little TLC won't help them to last longer. Recreational kayaks should be examined regularly for damage so that you can make repairs sooner rather than later. This can save you money and might make the difference between a simple repair and having to purchase a new kayak.

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