Should You Buy or Rent Scuba Tanks

Here's what you need to know to determine whether you should buy or rent your own scuba tank.Scuba tanks are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have while scuba diving. They provide the air you breathe, and their ability to function well - and your capability of using them correctly - is vital to your wellbeing. With such importance weighing on scuba tanks, you may be tempted to purchase your own. After all, then you can monitor and properly care for it. This may not be the best decision for you though.

If you plan on scuba diving only while on vacation, renting is probably your best bet. Even if you plan on scuba diving on vacation regularly, it usually makes more sense to rent. Transporting a scuba tank on a plane is complicated and painstaking, as well as expensive. Also, scuba tanks aren't cheap - they can run thousands of dollars. The money you'd shell out once a year or so to rent a scuba tank would probably be far more cost effective in the end.

Mini scuba tanks are spare tanks. If you're renting your primary scuba tank, you should be renting your mini tank. Same goes for buying; if you own most of your scuba equipment, you'll probably want to own your own mini tank as well.

Maintaining a scuba tank is not a simple task. Scuba tanks have to be inspected every year and they have to be filled at a dive shop, for a fee. Still, if you live near a body of water that you plan on scuba diving at regularly, this may be a minor expense compared to the cost of continuously renting a tank. Owning your own scuba tank also gives you the freedom to dive whenever it suits you; you don't have to work around a dive shop's hours or location. If you do choose to buy your scuba tank, consider buying one from Ocean Management Systems, or OMS. They're recognized throughout the industry as being high-quality and reliable. Keep in mind when purchasing your scuba tank that you want to avoid second-hand tanks. Manufacturer warrantees only cover the original owner, so if your tank needs servicing, you'll have to pay big bucks.

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Scuba divers need to have essential diving gear, including dive knives, on them for safety as well as practical purposes. Divers can become caught in fishing line, thick seaweed and other obstructions. All divers should have at least one scuba knife with them when they dive; most diving conditions require at least two.

A good fit is the most important part of choosing the right diving mask.  If your diving mask is ill-fitting, water can leak or even flood in, which can be irritating and interfere with your dive. It can also distract you from your surroundings and potentially dangerous situations

The most important thing when choosing scuba diving flippers is that they are comfortable, otherwise they could ruin your diving experience.  Ill-fitting scuba flippers can cause leg pain and tire you quickly because of the extra effort you'll have to put into kicking.

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