Fun Swimming Pool Games to Play

Looking for swimming pool games to play? You're not alone. Swimming pool games are fun for recreational trips to swimming pools as well as entertaining and useful in group exercise classes. Some water polo swimming teams use swimming pool games as a way to train. Here are some fun swimming pool games to play.

Marco Polo is one of the more popular swimming pool games to play, especially among children. To play Marco Polo, one person closes their eyes in the shallow end and says "Marco." The rest of the players must respond "Polo." Their goal is to avoid being tagged by "Marco," though they must follow certain rules, i.e. staying in the shallow end, not going underwater and responding "Polo" even if they're within capture range.

Another fun swimming pool game is similar to stuck in the mud. To play, one person is chosen as "it" and tries to tag the other players. When they tag a player, that person must sit in the shallow end of the pool until they are "freed" by being tagged by another, free player.

It's always fun to have diving contests, especially if your swimming pool has a diving board. Have between one and three judges rate players dives. You can grade them based on creativity, style and form. Another variation of this game is a belly flop contest. Play the same way you would a diving contest, although you can also judge them on the "pain factor."

You can also play a game called battleships and submarines, which is not the same as the board game battleship. This version of battleship requires a larger number of players. Divide the players into two groups: battleships and submarines. Each team stands at one end of the pool (you can play using the width, rather than the length of the pool). The battleships swim towards the submarines, above water. The submarines come off the wall whenever they want and swim underwater towards the battleships, trying to tag them. If they succeed, the battleship must join the team of the submarines. Then they have to turn around, without coming up for air, and return to their home wall. The battleships can try to grab them to make them come up for air (and therefore join the team of battleships) but they must be careful as the submarine could still tag them.

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