How Many Laps is a Half Mile Swim

Do you need to know how many laps is a half mile swim? If you'll be participating in a sprint triathlon or other swimming race, you'll need to know just how far a half mile swim is. Swimming pools can differ in size, meaning that the number of laps vary. It's always a good idea to account for length of the swimming pool when you're calculating how many laps a half mile swim is. Another option is to ask somebody who works at the facility you're swimming at, such as a lifeguard or swimming coach.

An Olympic sized pool is considered to be an official pool size. It's the largest regulation pool there is, and is often used in training facilities. The length of an Olympic size pool is 164 feet. A half mile has 2,640 feet in it. That means that it would take you sixteen laps, or eight back and forth laps, to complete one half mile swim.

A junior Olympic pool is a bit smaller (roughly half the size of an Olympic sized pool). It would take you 33 laps in a junior Olympic sized pool to complete a half mile.

Keep in mind that some facilities will have even smaller pools. You'll have to be a bit of a mathematician to figure out exactly how many laps it will take to swim a half mile. You can take the formula used above to figure out just how many laps it would take to swim a half mile in just about any size pool. Make sure that you find out the length of the pool, then divide the number of feet in a half mile swim (2,640 feet) by the number of feet in the length of the pool. That will tell you how many laps you'll have to swim to complete a half mile.

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