How to Swim Freestyle

You may want to learn how to swim freestyle for a triathlon or other swimming race or you might just want to be able to swim freestyle recreationally. Both kids and adults learn to swim freestyle for a variety of reasons. It's one of the best strokes to learn because of its versatility. You can learn to swim online, by reading and visualizing the tips necessary to learn how to swim freestyle, then going to a pool or other body of water to practice. Make sure that you never swim alone, even once you're an experienced swimmer; you never know when an unexpected emergency will happen.

Make sure you keep your body in a straight line when you're learning how to swim freestyle. You want to get from one end of the pool to the other in a straight line because it will mean you're swimming as fast as possible. Keep your head up (not above water). You want your forehead to be just under the water but you don't want to have your head tucked down into your chest. This will only slow you down.

As you push your arms forward into the water, make sure that you're extending them as far as you can. You want your hands to hit the water far out in front of you. Then pull them back in an "S" shape, making sure that you end the stroke at your thigh (not your waist, like many people do).

Be sure that you pivot your body as you move your arms. You want your body to move in one, fluid motion, with your arms.

When you kick, keep your feet just below the surface of the water. Many swimmers make the mistake of kicking on the surface of the water, creating a lot of splashing. Ideally you will have very little splashing taking place.

Take these tips and practice them. You can hold onto a kickboard when you're learning how to kick and simply ignore the kick when you're learning how to crawl.

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