How to Swim Side Stroke

It's easy to swim side stroke. This relaxing stroke propels a swimmer across the pool in a graceful fashion. The easiest tip for remembering how to swim side stroke is to always pick the apple and bring it back to the basket. Let's learn how.

  • Decide which side you prefer to float on. Either side works the same way. It's a matter of comfort.
  • Push off the side wall or swim a basic stroke. It's important to keep the body moving through the water.
  • Shift to one side so that shoulder is just under water.
  • Draw your knees to your chest and place your lead arm, which is the arm under water, to belly button level.
  • Pick the apple. Extend the underwater arm and reach like you're picking an apple.
  • At the same time, push your legs away from your chest, performing a scissors kick.
  • Bring the lead arm back to the belly button level, placing the apple in the basket.
  • At the same time, bring the legs back to the chest region.

The side stroke is an excellent relaxation stroke that provides low impact and high cardio exercise. Learning how to swim side stroke is as easy as picking the apple.

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