You Can Teach Yourself How to Swim

Do you want to teach yourself how to swim? It may not be as impossible as you might think. Adults learn how to swim every day, and some of them are teaching themselves. Today's technology allows people to learn to swim online, and then take that knowledge to the pool and practice. Of course if you don't know how to swim (and really, even if you do) you should never swim alone. If you do head to the pool to put your knowledge into practice, make sure that someone else is there in case of an emergency.

The first thing to remember when you're teaching yourself how to swim is to stay calm. This can be difficult especially if you are afraid of the water. Make sure that you are in water that you can stand in, and that you don't venture into the deep end of the pool or a part of the ocean or a lake where you can't touch the bottom.

Now you want to get comfortable keeping your head above the water. Practice floating on your back by holding your breath and allowing your body to rest on the surface of the water. You should also learn to tread water, which you can do by kicking under the water.

Next you can practice moving in the water. The doggie paddle is the easiest stroke, but you can learn how to swim using any stroke you wish. The freestyle stroke is probably the next easiest, legitimate stroke there is. Staying in the shallow end of the pool, hold onto one edge. Push off of the wall and push one arm out in front of you, then pull your arm back in an "S" shape. Kick your legs just under the surface of the water, trying not to splash. You'll be amazed at how quickly you learn how to swim!

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