Figure Skating Spin Names

Figure skating spins are some of the most entertaining and awe-inspiring parts of figure skating shows. The best part of figure skating spins are the ice skater's fluid motions and incredible momentum. Knowing just what's involved in some of the common figure skating spins will help you to appreciate the dedication and work put into those spins.

A figure skating spin involves the ice skater rotating on one point of the ice. The ice skater rotates on the front of the blade, just behind the toe pick. The positions that the skater makes with his arms, legs and torso determine what type of figure skating spin it is.

Scratch Spin
A scratch spin is an upright spin, meaning the ice skater is in an upright position. The ice skater generally enters the scratch spin from the back clockwise crossover. The skater begins the scratch spin with her arms and one leg open. The leg is crossed over her skating leg. She pulls in her arms and free leg, accelerating the spin. This is done on the backward inside edge.

Back Scratch Spin
This is similar to the scratch spin, but it is done on the skater's opposite foot. The skater also uses a tight backward outside edge rather than the inside edge.

Combination Spin
A combination spin is when spin positions are performed one immediately after the other. The ice skater may change her position, foot or edge.

Crossfoot Spin
The crossfoot spin is an upright spin where the free leg crosses behind the skating foot.

Camel Spin
The camel spin is when the ice skater spins with his free leg sticking straight out behind his body. The leg is what gives the spin its momentum.

Sit Spin
To do a sit spin an ice skater drops into a sitting position, almost on top of his spinning foot. He puts his free leg straight out in front of his body.

Attitude Spin
To do an attitude spin, the ice skater turns his head to the side. His free leg is lifted and turned out at the knee at a 90 degree angle.

Layback Spin
The layback spin is generally done by women because of the way the back must arch. To perform a layback spin, the ice skater puts her free leg in the attitude position, her arms stretched above her head.

This is a variation of the layback spin, where the ice skater grabs her free blade and pulls it toward her head.

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