Easy Ice Skating Tricks

Try some of these easy ice skating tricks if you want to show off the next time you're on your town's home ice rink.

Skating Backward
Skating backward is a simple ice skating trick that is also the basis for learning more complicated ice skating tricks. Go slowly at first when skating backward until you're comfortable enough to pick up speed.

The crossover is a basic ice skating technique, but not everyone can do it. If you're skating quickly and do a crossover, it both looks and feels cool. Crossovers help you get around the corners of the rink with ease. To execute a crossover, cross your outside skate over your inside skate as you go around a corner. Start slowly at first, but keep your momentum. As you get comfortable with the crossover, it will make turning corners very easy.

Backward Crossover
This is just like the crossover, except done backward. A lot of jumps start off from the backward crossover, so it's a good trick to learn.

Two-Foot Spin
This is a basic spin which isn't used often in competition. To do it, first determine which way you'll spin. Choose the direction which feels more natural to you. Then put your feet hip-width apart. Stand in the upright position, standing up straight with your chin up. Put your arms in front of you, shoulder height, in a large circle, as though you're holding an enormous bag of groceries. Put the toepick closest to the direction you'll be turning on the ice. The toepick is right behind the front of your blade. If you are turning counter-clockwise, this will be your right ice skate. Try to keep your ice skate turned in slightly.

Supposing you are turning right, bring your right arm back and swing your left arm to the front. You should give yourself enough momentum to turn. Keep your head up to keep the spin quick.

Scratch Spin
The scratch spin is also upright, meaning you should stand tall. Begin the scratch spin with your arms up and your non-skating leg open. Cross your free leg over your skating leg. Pull in your arms and free leg, accelerating the spin.

Salchow Jump
This is one of the more basic jumps, though it is a bit complicated to do. The salchow jump is an edge jump, meaning you'll take off on just one ice skate. Skate at a moderate speed before taking off from the inside edge of one skate. Do a half revolution in the air, using your arms to propel the revolution, and land on your other ice skate on the outside edge.

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