Who Invented Ice Skating

Have you ever wondered who invented ice skating? Ice skates' history and the beginnings of the sport in general are a big source of curiosity for ice skating fans. Here's a brief tutorial on who invented ice skating to remember next time you're watching the sport.

Ice skating has been around for thousands of years, long before it became such a wildly popular spectator sport. Originally ice skating was developed in the Netherlands as a means of transportation. The original ice skaters strapped on their hand-made ice skates, which consisted of animal bone and leather straps. They used poles as well, similar to cross country skiing. These original ice skaters used their ice skates to get across frozen ponds. After animal bone, early ice skaters created ice skates using iron blades.

Ice skating continued to develop as a mode of transportation until the 17th century, when the British first toyed with the idea of using ice skates for something other than getting around. King Charles II had brought ice skating to England from Holland, where he had first seen it on a visit. It is believed that the British used their ice skates to make tracings on the ice. These tracings became more elaborate as ice skate technology advanced and the blades became more high-tech. England was also the site of the first official ice skating competition. In 1763 an ice skating contest took place which involved skaters racing across fifteen miles of frozen canals.

Next ice skating was brought to the US by Scottish immigrants. It was an American man named Jackson Haines who has been given the credit of first making figure skating an official sport. Haines took making ice tracings one step further, performing dances moves on the ice. Although Haines was not necessarily the first person to figure skate, he gave it a life that it did not have before, allowing it to flourish into the sport it is today.

Today ice skating is one of the most popular sports in the world, and is certainly one of the most-watched sports in the winter Olympics, with countries vying for the gold medal.

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