Why Ski Tuning is Important

Ski tuning is something that should be done before each ski season and then again several times throughout the season. While you can do most ski tunings yourself, it's a good idea to have your first ski tuning of the year done by a professional at a ski shop. A proper ski tuning includes repairing any dings or scratches in your base, sharpening the edges and waxing the skis.

Tuning your skis is essential for several reasons. The full tune-up at the beginning of the winter gets your skis ready for the wear and tear it will endure. This should be done by a professional, who will be able to assess the condition of your skis and bindings. A professional will check to make sure there are no loose parts or damages which may affect your skiing or safety. Each subsequent ski tuning, which you may be able to do yourself, will also repair your ski base, wax your ski base and sharpen your edges.

Repairing and waxing your base will help you go faster. Any dings or scrapes that are in your base will cause your skis to catch, slowing you down.

Sharpened edges will help you maintain control while making turns in the snow. If your skis have dull edges, the likelihood of them slipping out is much higher. Skiers who perform a lot of tight turns or do tricks will need to make sure that their edges are always sharpened. These are the basics of ski care.

Waxing will also help your skis to move quickly. A thin layer of wax covers the P-Tex which is filling in any scratches, keeping your ski base smooth. Wax also helps your skis to glide easily over the snow. Recreational skiers should wax their skis after every third time they go skiing. Racers need to wax their skis after each session.

If you notice during any part of the season that your skis don't seem to be handling as well, consider taking them to a shop for a tune-up. The professional there will be able to determine whether there is something which is keeping your skis from operating smoothly.

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