Expert Ski Waxing Techniques

Expert ski waxing techniques are something every regular skier should be passionate about. Knowing the best way to wax your skis and ready them for the slopes will make your skis last longer and go faster. It will save you from having to pay somebody else to wax your skis. Here are some expert ski waxing techniques to make learning to wax your own skis easier.

Use the Right Wax
You should be able to find ski wax at your local ski shop. If not, you can order it online. Find ski wax that will be appropriate for the temperature of the snow you'll be skiing. Ski wax is color-coded to make finding the right wax easier. If you'll just be skiing for fun a few times this season, don't worry too much about temperature. Just find a universal wax, which will get you by in any temperature.

Make Sure Your Skis are Clean
It's a common mistake to neglect to remove all of the dirt from your skis. Though it seems that wax would glide over any debris left over, having dirty skis can actually compromise the integrity of the wax.

Iron on Your Wax
Using an iron (preferable a ski wax iron), hold the wax against the iron and let it drip onto the skis. Cover the entire length and width of the ski. Then iron over the wax, melting and spreading it. Don't rest too long in one place, as this could damage your skis. If there are any areas without enough wax (they are dry), put a little more on. Make sure you don't overload your skis with wax; the layer should be thin enough that it dries quickly.

Remove Excess Wax
Allow your wax to cool on your skis. This may take anywhere from a half to a full hour. Once the wax is completely cool, you'll want to remove any excess wax using a wax scraper. Some skiers use an ice scraper when in a bind, but using a ski wax scraper or, at the very least, a plastic scraper, is advisable. Scrape the wax, beginning at the tips of the skis and working your way to the tails. Scrape until you can barely see the wax on the skis; don't worry, the wax is still in the pores.

Brush the Base
Use a stiff, nylon brush and brush the bottoms of your skis, again starting at the tips and working your way to the tails. This is like buffing your skis, and will help you to go faster.

You're done! With a little practice you'll get faster and more efficient at waxing your own skis. Until then, take your time and make sure it's done right.

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