Skiing Beginners' Tips

Skiing beginners' tips are beneficial to anyone learning to ski. Ski equipment, ski lifts and getting down the mountain in one piece can seem overwhelming to a new skier. Here are some tips to help you get started when you're just learning how to ski.

If you've never been on skis before, or even if you have and you want a refresher or are hoping to advance your skills, lessons are a good idea. Ski lessons can give you hands-on help with getting your skis on and off, mastering the pizza wedge or parallel skiing (depending on your ski level) and showing you how to turn. A ski instructor is trained to pinpoint anything you might be doing that is sabotaging your ability to learn to ski.

Rent skis before you buy. You want to be absolutely certain that skiing is something you're going to be passionate about. Ski equipment is expensive and can generally only be used for a few months out of the year. This isn't a big deal if you'll be skiing often, but if you only plan on taking one mini ski trip per year, it might not be worth buying your skis.

If you do decide to buy your own ski equipment, make sure that you get it tuned up at least once a season. Have this done professionally, since it isn't easy to do and it's important that your skis are in good working order. A loose binding can be very dangerous.

When you first start skiing you should practice on a small mountain that isn't too crowded. Especially if you have one close by, there's no need to trek to a better, bigger mountain where lift lines will be long and slopes will be full. You want to get comfortable with your skills before you put yourself in the position of being surrounded by skiers whizzing by you.

Make sure you're dressed appropriately for skiing. You should dress in layers so that you can take off clothing if you get warm. Stay away from cotton, which doesn't dry well and will leave you feeling cold. Make sure you have water resistant gloves and a hat. Goggles are generally a good idea, particularly for windy or bright days. Sunscreen is a must too; you'd be amazed at how many people get sunburned because they don't realize how strong the sun can be on the mountain, even in the dead of winter. 

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