Basic Snow Skiing Instructions

You need some basic snow skiing instructions before you hit the slopes. You also want an experienced teacher to help you learn to snow ski. Skiing is a sport that requires a certain amount of knowledge and a lot of practice..

Find a nearby mountain with reasonably easy trails. It can be tempting to head to a slope well-known for its trails, but this probably means that those slopes are difficult and crowded. A smaller, easier mountain will give you the opportunity to learn and practice basic skiing skills so that you can move on to bigger and better things.

Get comfortable getting into and out of your skis. You're going to fall when you're learning how to ski-and even once you're more advanced-and you'll need to be able to put your skis back on after taking a tumble. You should also practice getting on and off of the ski lift, one of the most nerve-wracking things for a new skier to do.

Next, practice your form. The most basic form you can learn is called the pizza wedge (also known as the snow plow and the cheese wedge). This is when you point the tips of your skis toward each other and put your weight on one ski and then the other to turn. You should take long, wide turns down the mountain. The more turns you take, the slower you'll go, which is good when you're just starting to learn.

After you're an expert at the snow plow (don't expect this to happen on your first trip), you can learn how to parallel ski. As the name suggests, this involves keeping your skis parallel to one another, though the other elements are virtually the same. You'll use your weight to turn, and the amount you turn will determine your speed.

Don't take chances when you're skiing and always wear a helmet. Skiing is a dangerous sport, and the use of helmets is on the rise. If you have children, they should absolutely be wearing a helmet. 

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