How Do I Clear Paper Jams in Printers

How do I clear paper jams in printers, you ask? We've all had an awful case of the "Mondays" when a printer paper jam made you want reenact the famous p rinter-smashing scene from the movie "Office Space." As tempting as that may seem, you can't take such drastic measures in real life without being fired from your job or at the very least being out a couple hundred bucks for a new printer. If you're stuck with a paper jam, this article will help explain how to solve the problem without the aid of a baseball bat.

Reboot the beast. If you notice a paper jam, the first thing you always want to do is shut off the printer and power it back on again. Most printers have an automatic feed when they are rebooted, so this might help clear the jam before you have to take anything apart. If this fails, switch the printer off again. This is for safety purposes so you don't get shocked when taking panels off the printer.

Check if you can pull out the paper. If the jammed paper is sticking out from the tray and you can grab it without removing any of the panels, pull it out with two hands so it doesn't tear.

Remove the offending sheet of paper. If that fails to fix the paper jam, you'll have to remove the panels like you would when replacing the toner or ink cartridge. They should either flip open or pop off easily. This should give you a better view inside the printer and of the jam. If you can get both hands on it, pull the paper. It is best not to use one hand, as the paper is more likely to tear and make the jam worse. If you're pulling with both hands and it's still not budging, try to turn the gears of the roller manually. If this still doesn't clear the paper jam, try using a flathead screwdriver to wedge the paper out.

Stick with prevention next time. The best thing you can do is try to prevent jams from happening. Try not to fill the tray to capacity with paper. Also, don't mix different types of paper in the tray. Check your printer's manual to find out what paper it can and can not take.

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