The Best Home Multifunction Printer

The best home multifunction printer combines the capabilities of a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine into one device. Available in a range of prices and capabilities, multifunction printers are marketed for home, small business and corporate office use. Each of these environments can benefit from the many functions these printers provide in a small amount of desktop space.

Why Choose Multifunction Printers?
Multifunction, or all-in-one, printers have gained market share in recent years as users come to understand the benefits of these devices. It's not hard to see why they've become popular when you consider these advantages:

  • Space: Although a multifunction printer is typically a bit larger than its print-only cousins, these devices represent a huge space savings over the alternative. Considering the space a scanner, copy machine and fax machine require, it's not hard to see that a multifunction printer is a space-saving alternative.
  • Cost: Multifunction printers cost more than standalone printers, but this increase pales in comparison to the combined cost of several separate devices. This makes multifunction printers a great alternative for home or small-business buyers.
  • Capability: Not only does a multifunction printer combine the functionality of several machines, it also centralizes that capability. With a multifunction printer, you'll be able to accomplish several tasks in the same workspace. For small businesses, the additional features may bring capabilities that simply didn't exist, easing document transmission and storage issues.
  • Power: A single device consumes far less power than several separate devices. Lower power requirements translate directly into lower operating costs and impact on the environment. You'll also save valuable outlet space on your power strip.
  • Supplies: Multifunction printers use only one set of consumables to create prints and copies and receive faxes. This consolidation saves on ink and toner costs, bringing the total cost of ownership down significantly.
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