Defeat Repetitive Stress with a Trackball Mouse

A trackball mouse can help you eliminate one of the most serious problems that long-term computer-users face: repetitive stress injuries. 

What Are Repetitive Stress Injuries?
Repetitive stress injuries come in many forms, but they're all caused by continually moving your fingers, hands and arms in the same directions over and over again, such as constantly moving a mouse up and down to scroll through pages. Repetitive stress injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pains, tendonitis and even arthritis. If left untreated, repetitive stress injuries can become extremely severe, even requiring surgery in some cases to reduce the pain. If you don't get treatment for repetitive stress injuries and don't correct the cause, you could find yourself unable to use a mouse or even type on a keyboard because your injuries become too severe.

How a Computer Mouse Contributes

Repetitive stress injuries are caused by repeating the same motions over and over again, all day long. Poor ergonomics also contribute to repetitive stress injuries. If you have to reach too far to manipulate your mouse, if you're not holding your mouse at the right height and if your mouse is the wrong shape or the buttons are in the wrong position, you could have problems with repetitive stress injuries. Assess the ergonomics of your workstation to ensure you minimize potential causes of repetitive stress injuries.

Trackball Mouses Minimize Repetitive Motions
Holding and manipulating a mouse for eight hours a day can cause pinched nerves in the elbow, forearm or wrist, or carpal tunnel in the hand because of repetitive clicking. By using a single finger to click all day, or holding the wrist at an odd angle, you drastically increase your chance of a repetitive stress injury.

A trackball mouse prevents these extremes of motion by letting you manipulate a ball mounted on top of the mouse to move the mouse pointer and achieve the same end result. Additionally, trackball mouse buttons are typically positioned so that you can use multiple fingers or even a thumb to click the buttons, reducing repetitive stress injuries by preventing overuse of a single finger.

A trackball mouse is designed to be ergonomically correct, letting your hand rest in a natural position that won't cause undue strain. By remaining stationary instead of requiring you to move your mouse around, a trackball mouse enables you to avoid having to stretch or reach to manipulate the mouse. For the ultimate in convenience, consider a wireless trackball mouse, which can be placed anywhere that's comfortable to reach.

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