Laptop or Desktop Computer or Both

Do you need a desktop computer a laptop computer, or both? With the easy availability and dropping prices of both laptops and desktop PCs, the question is no longer a simple one.

Dekstops Still Offer More for the Money
While laptop prices have been falling for years, desktop computer systems still offer more bang for the buck. You can get drastically more processing power, hard drive space and a better video card in a desktop versus a similarly-priced laptop. If money is a concern, and you need the best computer you can get on a budget, a desktop computer gives you the best performance for the price.

Some applications, such as AutoCad software or video editing software, require a lot of processing power and memory. Laptop systems are designed to be light and mobile, and don't necessarily provide the power you'll need to run these intensive applications. If you plan to tax your system with demanding softawe, a desktop computer system is the best choice.

Laptops Offer Flexibility
If you travel frequently for work or need to use your computer in diverse settings, a laptop computer is best. Desktop computers provide better performance at a lower price, butthat doesn't matter if you need a computer you can take on business trips, or if you want a computer you can carry back and forth with you to the office. If you need a mobile computer, you need the flexibility that laptops offer.

Laptops as Home Desktop Computer Replacements
With more and more households having to choose how they want to spend their computer dollars, the concept of a laptop as a desktop replacement is growing in popularity. Desktop-replacement laptops tend to offer larger screens, as big as 17 inches, and robust processing and video hardware. However, desktop replacement laptops don't function particularly well as laptops; they're large and bulky, whihc makes them difficult to use for travel. They don't have as much power as a home desktop computer, so you'll find them less than ideal for software that demands processing power. For everyday use, including Web applications, listening to music, word processing and spreadsheets, laptops can do everything that mid-range desktop computers can, and their smaller size makes them a good choice for homes where space is at a premium.

Sometimes You Need Both
Laptop computers provide flexibility, giving you a system you can take with you and work anywhere. Desktop computers provide robust processing power and the ability to handle intensive applications. If you need both, you might be better off getting a laptop and a desktop computer. As an added bonus, if you're running both a laptop and desktop computer system, you've always got a backup in case one goes down. If you have multiple systems, you can work while your spouse or child surfs the Web; having one of each system is a win-win if you've got the budget for it.

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