How to Use a Flash Drive

Learn how to use a flash drive with this easy tutorial.

If you wish to use your flash drive as a backup for your entire computer, you need to know how much storage to have. Your computer's memory is stored in random-access memory, or RAM. On your desktop, click "My Computer" and select the "Properties" button. This will show you how much RAM you have, which will help you figure out what size flash drive you'll need.

How to Use a Flash Drive?

Once you have the flash drive, simply plug it into the USB port (the same way you'd plug in a camera or mp3 player). Your computer will detect the flash drive and open a folder which has the files (if any) currently stored on the flash drive.

Drag any files you want to store on the flash drive from their original folder to the flash drive folder. It's a good idea to double-check that your files are correctly stored on the flash drive by double-clicking the file name in the flash drive folder.

Now click "Safely Remove Hardware" and then "Eject." A message should appear which reads "It is now safe to remove the hardware." This means you can pull the flash drive out of the USB port without disrupting the files you've saved. Before you do so, make sure that the light on the flash drive is off.

If you have a Mac, learning how to use a flash drive and disconnecting the flash drive from the computer will be a little bit different. After you've finished transferring files to the flash drive, wait a moment to make sure that the flash drive has completed the transfer. Then drag the flash drive folder to the trash can. An "Eject" icon should appear, after which you can unplug the flash drive from the USB port. 

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