Portable Storage Solutions

It's an exciting time to live in the world of technology, as thousands of devices exist to cater to our every need. With the increasing prevalence of computers and electronic storage technology, it's not uncommon for people to want to move files from one computer to another. Maybe you need to work on a project for school, or maybe you regularly transfer files back and forth from a main office to satellite branches. The best portable storage solution choice for your situation depends on what you're doing with your data.

While CDs are still around, DVDs have become the disc media of choice for storing and transferring data as our files get larger and we have more of them. DVDs are a great choice for system backups, where you write a disc and store it, preferably offsite, until you need it again. DVDs are also a fine choice for carrying sets of files to multiple locations. DVDs are extremely inexpensive these days. Rewriteable DVD media is a bit more expensive, but still affordable for everyday use.

Thumb Drives
DVDs are useful storage media, but thumb drives are more portable and may be a better choice for a busy lifestyle. Some thumb drives even attach to a key ring, so there is no inconvenience to carrying a thumb drive around. DVDs must be protected; you need a DVD case to avoid accidentally breaking one, which you need to carry it in a purse or backpack. Thumb drives are small enough to fit in your pocket, and have the advantage of being rewriteable from any computer that has a USB slot. You don't need special technology to use a thumb drive; simply drag and drop your files, or save directly to your drive, and you're ready to go. Thumb drives are relatively inexpensive, too..

Think Outside the Box
You may not think about it often, but your MP3 player probably functions as a thumb drive. iPods, and most other MP3 players, have data storage capabilities. For an iPod, you must enable the disc storage feature from within iTunes to use your MP3 player as a flash drive. Among the other MP3 players are those that come standard as disc storage devices. Others require you to enable special settings to get storage functionality. You can also use the iPhone, Blackberry and some other smart phones to transfer files. Before you go shopping for portable storage solutions, check your current technology to see if you might already be carrying around your storage media.

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