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Inkjet printers are the best choice if you want to print photos and graphics, and some models can even print labels directly onto CDs and DVDs. You'll want to compare resolutions to get the best quality prints and look at the lifetime cost of inkjet cartridge replacement to find the best value.
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How does a keyboard function? Typewriters used levers to press letters into paper, but a keyboard on a computer can do so much more than creating letters and carriage returns.
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The term "pixels per inch" helps describe how many pixels are packed into an inch on a computer display. The higher the pixels per inch, the better its native resolution.
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The quest for the best DVD burner can be elusive. With all the DVD burners on the market today, turning to professional review sites might not be the best choice for you.
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All it takes to know how increase virtual memory is a brief visit to your computer's control panel.
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Portable print technology isn't a new concept, but portable laser printers are still relatively new and far between on the marketplace. How is a portable laser printer different from its larger stationary cousin, and do you need one?
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