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You might be surprised by how many people don't clean their keyboards on a regular basis. And, I admit, I am sometimes one of those people. But, sometimes, it can be an easy thing to let slide.You don't need special tools to clean your computer's keyboard.
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In the connected world today, information and communication are always at your disposal.
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With music and movie files choking the memory of laptops and desktop PCs, many people are on the lookout for cheap external hard drives to provide extra storage space. Cheap external hard drives run the gamut from junk to reliable data storage devices, so you need to shop very carefully.
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It's time to learn the difference between LCD and CRT monitors. While LCD monitors are the monitor of choice for the average computer user, CRT monitors still have an important place in the world. The average home user generally chooses an LCD monitor for everyday use, but CRT monitors are a great choice for people for whom picture accuracy really matters. How does a CRT stack up with an LCD for your computer use?
Wondering what is a DNS server? You've probably seen the term, but you may have no idea what it means. You may not realize it, but you use a DNS server every time you surf the Web.
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Who designed the QWERTY keyboard? While you might want to blame someone for this seemingly strange keyboard layout, the inventor had good reasons for the design.
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A low virtual memory fix can speed up your computer and save you a few headaches. Learn how.
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Learning how to install RAM on a desktop or laptop computer is so simple that any home user can do it. Learn what to do and how to prevent static from damaging delicate circuit boards.
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It's important to compare printers before you buy. Learn about the main types of printers and the jobs they do best.
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The history of robots realistically spans the past several decades, although robots has roots in ancient history. How have modern robots evolved, and where did they come from?
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An LCD display consists of several layers that surround liquid crystals, which twist and untwist to allow light to pass through your screen and create an image.
By Caroline Roberts
Wondering, how does a memory stick work? You don't need to write files onto a big clunky disc to use them, but can instead copy them to your memory stick and take them anywhere. Still not sold on the benefits of using a memory stick? 
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Do you know how to use a flash drive? This guide will give you an overview of how to use this helpful storage device.
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