The Handiest Word Keyboard Shortcuts

When you're writing, it helps to know all the handy little Word keyboard shortcuts, to make things go more quickly. By utilizing these shortcuts, you don't need to reach for your mouse; keeping your fingers on the keyboard makes your work faster and more efficient. These shortcuts entail pressing the CONTROL key, along with another key to execute a particular action. Some of these shortcuts are quite obvious, like pressing CONTROL and P together when you want to print, but many are less intuitive. Memorizing the following list will have you working in Word as efficiently as a pro.

CONTROL+N: Use this to open a new blank Word document quickly, when you must get those ideas typed up in a hurry.

CONTROL +X: When you highlight text and press this combination, the highlighted text is cut from your document and is placed on the clipboard.

CONTROL +C: This will copy highlighted text to the clipboard, but does not remove it from the document like CONTROL+X does.

CONTROL +V: Press this to paste the contents of the clipboard into your document.

CONTROL +O: This will open a saved document.

CONTROL +W: This will close the window you are working in, but it does not exit Word.

CONTROL +S: Use this to save your document, and use it often, to keep work from being lost if your computer should crash.

CONTROL +A: Think "A for All." Selects all text and graphics in your document.

CONTROL +P: This one is easy… "P for Print." Prints your document.

CONTROL +B: Press this to make your text bold, or to make bold text go back to normal.

CONTROL +I: This makes text italic or makes italic text go back to normal.

CONTROL +U: This will underline your text, or use it to remove an underline if you change your mind.

CONTROL +Z: Changed your mind about an edit? This will undo the last thing you did.

CONTROL +Y: Changed your mind again? This will redo an action that has been undone.

ALT+F4: Closes Microsoft Word.

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