The Rise of the Wireless Laser Printer

Wireless laser printers aren't a delusion of the future; in fact, they're out there as we speak, making wireless printing an easy reality for homes and workgroups alike. A wireless laser printer isn't just another unnecessary toy. It provides easy networking for computer guru and average user alike. Gone are worries about cords, printer sharing and placement; with a wireless laser printer, you can put your printer practically anywhere and print without a care in the world.

The main benefit of a wireless laser printer: lose the cords.
Cords and cables running everywhere got you tied down? Tired of having to plug in a wireless laptop to the network so that you can print your docs? Wireless laser printers provide the ultimate in functionality: printing from anywhere within range, regardless of whether you're plugged into the network or even if you're in the same room as the printer. With a wireless laser printer, you don't have to worry about running a wireless print server, connecting to a network or sharing a printer from a wired computer. You simply configure it on your computer and forget about it, and it's ready for you whenever you need it.

Wireless laser printers offer easy workgroup support.
If you're trying to share a wired laser printer, you have to worry about all kinds of network considerations. Are you sharing a printer from a computer, or is it connected directly to the network? Does it require a USB connection or an Ethernet port? How do you configure it to work with multiple devices? With a wireless laser printer, setup is as easy as installing the printer and printing. Gone are the worries about IP protocols and complicated network setup and sharing.

Wireless laser printers and interference: What's the real story?
As with any wireless device, wireless laser printers can be prone to interference. However, most wireless laser printers work using the same protocol as a wireless network, and can even be configured to run directly through your wireless router instead of connecting directly to the printer itself. If you don't have problems with an established wireless network, you probably won't have problems with the wireless laser printer. Just in case, though, buy from a manufacturer with a liberal return policy, and read user reviews to ensure your wireless laser printer generally performs well.

The top wireless laser printer.
The truth is that most major printer manufacturers make a wireless laser printer, as it's such a useful device with universal functionality that everyone wants a piece of the market. While different wireless laser printers boast different pros and cons, one universally likeable model is the Brother HL-2170w. At 23ppm, this reasonably small wireless laser printer is perfect for home or small business use. It comes with both wired and wireless functionality, and offers fairly easy wireless setup if you follow the manufacturer's instructions. The Samsung ML-2152 is another good model, but it's a bit larger than the Brother model and is designed for a small office workgroup setting.

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