How to Make Your Computer Look Like a Mac

Learn how to make your computer look like a Mac? If you're willing to install some software and make a few tweaks, you can customize the look of your OS to resemble the stylish Mac OS.

Try Themes to make your computer look like a Mac
Windows XP computer themes can easily transform the appearance of your desktop to resemble the Mac OS. You can download free computer themes to change your OS appearance. You can also buy themes from some sites. You have to install the themes in very specific ways to use them.

When you download Windows XP computer themes, most of them come pre-packaged in a .zip file. When you extract the .zip, you'll find several different file types. Move any .ttf files to your Windows font folder. Move the .theme file to your Windows Theme folder, usually under Windows\Resources\Themes. Create a folder inside your Themes folder for your .msstyles file. Inside that folder, create another folder called Shell, and a folder inside that called NormalColor. Move the ShellStyle.dll file into your Windows\Resources\Themes\Msstylefilename\Shell\NormalColor folder.

Once you've unzipped everything properly, simply go into your Windows Appearance menu and select your new theme from the Theme dropdown box.

How to Make your Computer look like a Mac - Skin Your Computer 
Skinning is a little more involved than simply installing a theme, as skinning your computer requires you to install third-party skin software. Make sure the skin you want to use is compatible with the skinning software you select. One of the most popular skinning programs is WindowBlinds, but you can select any skinning program that works with the skin you want to use.

Once you've selected and installed your skinning software, find a Mac-like skin that you want to use. has some good Mac skins, but you can find them all over the Web. Download your selected skin into your Windows\Resources\Themes file. Then run your skinning software, and select the skin you've downloaded. Now you've got a Mac desktop computer theme.

For additional visual cues resembling the Mac OS, look for YzToolbar and YzShadow. These programs add shading around your toolbars and windows that resemble the look of the Mac OS. Download new icon images to change the look of your Windows icons to a Mac style.

Add Software for Mac Functionality
Once you've gotten the visual element right you can start in on how to make your computer look like a Mac. You'll want to install additional software to emulate the Mac OS. You'll definitely want an ObjectBar and a Dock. The ObjectBar skin sits at the top of your screen and functions like a Mac Menu Bar. Dock software turns your taskbar into a Mac-style Dock. As with skins, you have several options to choose from for ObjectBars and Docks. Rocketdock is a popular Dock program, as is YzDock. Stardock has a good ObjectBar.

Finally, you can skin popular programs or even use Mac programs to finish up the Mac look. Trillian is a popular chat program that has skins which make it look like iChat. iTunes is a popular music management program even for Windows users, but it's all Mac in style. Safari rounds out the Mac theme as your Web browser of choice and there you have it, the directions for how to make your computer look like a Mac.

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