Can You Make Your Computer Look Like a Mac

There are ways to make your computer look like a Mac, whether you've got Windows or Linux. You can give your system the look of a Mac computer and even emulate features of the Mac OS.

Skins and Computer Themes can make your computer look like a Mac
Computer themes are by far the easiest method to give your computer the look of a Mac. You can get a desktop computer theme that looks like the Mac OS from many different theme designers. All you have to do is apply the theme from Display in the Control Panel. However, themes can only change certain elements. If you want to completely change the look of your operating system, you might need a skin.

Desktop skins have far more control over individual program elements than themes do. However, your computer isn't ready-made to accept skins. You'll need to download skinning software to change your skin, if you want to capture a more complete Mac look. WindowBlinds and Chroma are two of the most popular skinning programs, but you've got many options if you want to go that route.

Widgets and Toolbars to make your computer look like a Mac
Altering the appearance of your computer only gets you so far. To capture additional functionality, you might want to download widgets and toolbars. Widgets are something that Windows introduced with Vista, although retroactive functionality has been to XP. You can find widgets to track the weather, display photo slideshows, show a calendar; pretty much anything you can do with a Mac. Add widgets to your desktop to enhance your Mac-like experience.

Third-Party Software
If changing the visuals and adding functionality that resembles Mac operation isn't enough for you, you can always use third-party software to make your desktop look and act like a Mac computer. Rocketdock is a popular Dock program that resembles Mac functionality. You can also get programs that change your entire OS shell to resemble the Mac OS. Third-party software to transform your system exists for XP, Vista and even Linux; just do a quick Web search to find the right software for your operating system.

Almost Any OS Can Make Your Computer Look Like a Mac
Solutions exist to make almost any operating system look like a Mac. Depending on your OS, you'll have different options and functionality. People have transformed XP, Vista and Linux to resemble Mac, so you're not confined to Vista if you want to change your look. Simply do a search for your appropriate OS to see what solutions exist. Not all operating systems have the benefits of a desktop computer theme, but even without computer themes, there's a lot of customization you can do to change the visual style of your operating system.

Only Use Trusted Sources
While it's a given for anything you download from the Web, it's especially important to only use content from trusted sources when you're altering your operating system. Always run any files you download through a good virus scanner. Don't alter your system files or run an executable unless you trust the source.

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