How to Fix LCD Backlight Problems

LCD backlight problems are common if you own this type of television. It's an unfortunate downside to the technology. Here, we'll examine how LCD screens work, what causes the backlight problems and if there are any quick fixes.

What is the backlight?
LCD TVs or computer monitors utilize the same technology. The screens contain a special liquid crystal substance that can either block light or allow it to pass through. The light comes from a bulb behind the screen. This is known as the backlight, which is always lit when the screen is on. The light that the crystals allow through passes through a color grid to produce the images that we see on the screen.

What happens when the backlight is broken?
One common problem with LCD screens is a leakage or bleeding through of the backlight. When you're watching a movie or television program that has a dark sequence, such as a scene cut to a dark alley in the middle of the night, or a shot of the blackness of outer space, it-s not uncommon to see the backlight through these images. This usually occurs in the corners of the screen. Since the backlight is always lit when watching the TV, if the crystals don't completely block the light, you'll be able to see it leaking or bleeding through. One way of solving this problem is to adjust the LCD brightness level on your TV or monitor. Try setting it to a lower level to prevent this problem from occurring.

What if fixing the settings doesn't help?
Over time, you'll find that the backlight will dim or go out completely. Unfortunately, there really isn't a fix to this problem that would be cheaper than just buying a new set. LCD backlights aren't readily available yet for replacement. The good news is that it usually takes 50,000 to 65,000 hours of viewing before this problem occurs. Of course, the more you watch TV or use your computer, the less time it will last. But the average user shouldn't have to worry about this problem for years to come. If backlight problems occur within the first few months of buying an LCD screen, check with the manufacturer to see if this is covered under warranty, and request a new screen.

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