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How does a router work? A router sorts through information sent over a network, using its hardware and software to prioritize the information and pass it along to your computer.
By Jaceson Maughan
A wireless router is a very convenient option for many people that use the Internet. Many households today have more than one computer and they would like to be able to share Internet access between all of them.
By Lauren Bove
Computer password protection is absolutely vital to your data security.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Learn the computer network security tools and techniques to protect your network from hackers and unauthorized use.
By Dachary Carey
Are you the only person using your wireless signal? Your personal information could be in danger if you're not.
By Derek Gerry
The benefit of a VPN can range from cost savings to enabling company expansion. It all depends on how you use VPN solutions to service and grow your company.
By Dachary Carey
By following these 10 simple tips, you can ensure that your computer crashes, runs slowly and spends lots of time in the repair shop.
By Derek Gerry
What is the difference between a router and a hub? Wireless routers offer functionality that hubs don't provide, but there are times when you may want to use a hub.
By Dachary Carey
Domain name service servers can cause problems all around. Tools like nslookup can help you root out the issues.
By Lauren Bove
Wondering what is a network router, exactly? Your router is the brain of your home network, and it's responsible for so much of the functionality you take for granted.
By Dachary Carey
Learning how to recover deleted files is simple, but you may still need a professional to help you restore lost data.
By Shawn Donovan
Can you answer the question, "How do I install a wireless router?" If not, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process.
By Dachary Carey
It's hard to keep track of all those passwords. Why don't you try cutting back on the number of them?
By Jackson Tremont
The best wireless router needs two things: speed and a clear connection. Find out how to get both. is an Internet protocol address for a router on a private network.
By Sarah Parrish
The reasons why people network computers ties back to efficiency and convenience.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Many people who use a computer around the house have a wireless network in our homes. Even if you have only one computer, a wireless network allows you to take a laptop anywhere you need to go, and gives you flexibility.
By Elton Gahr
If you're having problems with your wireless router installation, try these helpful troubleshooting steps.
By Dachary Carey
Any serious businessperson should know to password protect a pen drive or risk losing valuable secrets.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Wireless network security needs to be a priority from the moment you set up your router. These simple tips will keep unauthorized users out of your network.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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