Do You Really Need That Many Passwords

It's easy to lose track of your passwords. Everybody has done it. When your email at the office and at home, shopping Web sites, Flickr accounts and everything else you do on the Web come with password protection, the right password doesn't always spring to mind. 

But how many passwords do you really need?

Consider blogs. You spend time reading them, and you love to comment on them, but too many require a login before you can deposit your pearl of wisdom. Why not simply come up with one password that you use for all of your blog logins? You're not leaving personal information exposed, after all, behind the login screen. Keep it something you can remember.

When it comes to financial logins, you should make sure to have a separate password for every financial institution that you use. That should go for Paypal, as well. That way, should one of your passwords become compromised, you will be able to limit the damage. Remember to choose long passwords with different types of characters for maximum security.

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