How to Configure Linksys Routers

In order to configure a Linksys router, you must have some background into what a router does, as well as some basic computer knowledge. With this information, you can set up and configure a Linksys router to enable your computer to communicate with the world.

What Is A Linksys Router?
A Linksys router is a wireless device created by a company called Cisco. Wireless routers receive signals from computers and forward them on to where they need to go. Routers read addresses on data packets and determine the best electronic route for that data to travel. A piece of data may pass through dozens or even hundreds of routers before reaching the destination computer. Don't mistake a wireless router for a wireless modem: The router and modem do not perform the same jobs, as a modem sends data over a wire, but it does not determine where the information goes.

Set Up A Linksys Router
Set up the wireless router in a central area since the signals are not as strong when the computer is far away or they have to travel through walls. You must connect the wireless router to the high speed Internet source, such as a cable modem, using an Ethernet cable. A router does not work with the old-fashioned dial-up Internet accounts. Also, you must connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable in order to configure it. Turn on the power to the router and the computer, and head to the computer. The router will send out signals that the computer can read. Once the computer identifies the router nearby, you may be asked for a series of prompts to verify that your computer "sees" the router.

Configure Linksys Routers
The Linksys software will ask a series of questions and present options that you can customize for your needs. Beginners who are not too savvy with setting up computer systems may want to choose the automatic configuration wizard. This is a pre-programmed method of automatically configuring settings to a common or general use.

Or, you can navigate to your router's control panel. Simply open your browser and enter in the address bar. From this interface, you can make several changes. For example, one of the most important aspects of configuring a Linksys router is selecting a password. A password will protect the wireless signals from being used by anyone else but you. Later on, you may want to try port forwarding or MAC address filtering, but, for basic computer purposes, simply setting up the router, using the configuration wizard and selecting a password will get you started. When you're done, you can disconnect the computer from the router and use the wireless connection. 

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