How to Reset Linksys Routers

Wondering how to reset Linksys routers? Resetting routers is easy; re-configuring all of your custom settings is the time-consuming part of the process. If you're sure you need to reset your router, here's how to do it:

Make sure you actually need to reset your router.
Resetting your router is typically a last choice. You don't want to reset your router if you can avoid it, as you'll lose all your configuration settings and may experience network connection issues when you reset. Before you reset your router, try unplugging your router and broadband modem and plugging them back in again. If you've forgotten your router password, you must reset the router to set a new password.

Power down your cable modem and PC.
Power down your broadband modem and PC when you're resetting routers. If you don't power down your components initially, you may have network connection issues and have to power cycle these devices later. It's easiest if you just power them down before resetting the router.

Reset your router.
Linksys routers come with a hard reset button for restoring to factory default settings. Locate your router's reset button, and hold it down for at least 30 seconds. You should see the lights on your router cycle as if you've powered down the router and turned it on again.

Power up your components.
Once you've reset your router, you can turn on your components again. Start with your modem. Plug it in, and wait for it to cycle. When the modem is ready, you should have a light indicating that it has Internet connectivity. Once your modem is connected, your router should detect your modem's Internet connection and indicate that it, too, has an Internet connection.

Once both devices indicate that they have Internet connections, power on your PC. When your PC is ready, open a Web browser and try loading a Web site. If the Web site loads, then you've successfully reset your router.

Reconfigure your Linksys router.
After you've reset your Linksys router, you'll need to add any custom configuration you've made to your router. Enter your router's control panel by opening a Web browser and typing into the address bar. You'll be prompted to enter a username and password; the default that the router restores when you reset it is "admin," so enter it in both fields.

Wireless routers need to have a network name and encryption established again, as well as any other custom settings. If you've opened any ports for gaming, added MAC address filtering or utilized any other advanced functionality, you'll need to re-activate and re-configure those settings. 

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