How to Use a Router

Knowing how to use a router is mandatory for anyone who lives in a home or works in an office with multiple computers. Whereas it once was necessary to plug a computer directly into a modem for Internet access, wireless routers have made it possible to access a connection signal from anywhere in the remote area. Before you can take advantage of a router's benefits, it's necessary to know how to use the router.

Checking The Modem Connection
If you hook up your router to a malfunctioning modem, the router won't work. In order to check that your modem is working properly, connect your computer directly to the modem. If you are able to connect to the Internet after doing so, then all is fine, and it's time to proceed.

Connecting The Router To The Modem
Routers work by broadcasting a modem's signal all around your home or office. Thus, it is necessary to connect the two. First, make sure that your router is plugged in. After you've established that, use the appropriate cable, and stick one end into the router's back, and the other end into the modem's back. This cable is the same one that you used to connect your computer and modem. In most cases, lights will begin to flash. That's a sign that you've connected the two, but it doesn't mean the router is working perfectly. To check that it is, you must attempt to connect to the Internet from a remote computer.

Connecting From A Remote Computer
Once you've connected your router to your modem, it's time to establish whether or not it's working. Head over to a remote computer not attached directly to the modem. On the main screen, click Start, Settings, Network Connections. In the box that opens, you should see a Wireless Network Connection option. If there are other connection options, right-click on them and choose Disable. Click on the Wireless Network Connection option. At this point, you may see that your connection has been established. If not, click below on View Wireless Networks. In the box that opens, choose the option to connect to your home network.

The connection should open after you tell it to do so, although you may need to enter a password if your Internet Service Provider gave you one, or you may need to refer to an installation CD if that came with your router. Once the connection opens, pat yourself on the back. You have learned how to use a router, and you've established a wireless connection. 

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