Why Won't My Computer Install Adobe Flash Player

Why won't my computer install Adobe Flash Player, you ask? You're not alone. Many people have run across a problem viewing video on sites like Facebook, MySpace or YouTube. Web sites like these frequently require the most recent version of Flash to be installed, disabling your ability to watch videos if you have an outdated version. Any one of the following fixes might be able to help:

Uninstall The Previous Version: Probably the most common issue with installing Flash is skipping the step of uninstalling the previous version. To do this, you will need to download the uninstaller and follow the instructions from Adobe's Web site.

Adobe Flash Player Download: Once you have removed the previous version of Flash, you should be able to download the most recent version.

Install The Latest Version Of Your Browser: If you are still having a problem, it is possible that you need to upgrade your browser to its latest version. For example, versions of Opera older than 9.5 will not run Adobe Flash versions subsequent to version 9, update 3. Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari all continue to develop new versions of their browsers on a regular basis.

Try Another Browser: If the most recent version of your browser does not work on your computer, you might want to try an alternative browser. Browsers like SeaMonkey are built on modern browsing technology but have a smaller memory footprint, making them viable options on older computers.

Adjust Security Settings: If you insist on using Internet Explorer and still cannot get Flash movies to work, it is possible that your security settings are not allowing online media content to reach your computer. Go to "Internet Options" under the "Tools" menu in Internet Explorer. From here, select the "Security" tab, and decrease your security settings.

Issues In Windows Vista Protected Mode: Another common issue with Flash installations is a conflict with Internet Explorer in Protected Mode under Windows Vista. Although switching your browser would fix this problem, you could also follow the instructions on Adobe's Web site as a workaround.

Visit Adobe's own troubleshooting guide if you continue to have issues with the Adobe Flash Player.

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Find articles about how to save an adobe flash movie, adobe flash player problems, what is adobe air and why won't my computer install adobe flash player.

Find articles about how to save an adobe flash movie, adobe flash player problems, what is adobe air and why won't my computer install adobe flash player.

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