Flash Animation: Where to Find the Best Websites

When it comes to Flash games and animations, there are literally thousands of websites vying for your attention, and more importantly, your clicks. This makes finding the best and most heralded Flash entertainment somewhat of a tricky task, as every other website will lead you down the road of constant pop-ups and sometimes even spyware threats, all to get a couple of more bucks out of their user base. Despite the bad, there is plenty of good out there.


Newgrounds, a community-based site, is by far the most comprehensive, best-designed website when it comes to Flash animation and games. Founded and run since 1995 by the Fulp brothers, Newgrounds has been a hotbed for some of the best and latest Flash animations on the net. If you're a highly regarded Flash artist, there is no doubt that you have an account on Newgrounds. With an extremely strong community backing them, Newgrounds is easily the best place to find superior Flash animation.


While Newgrounds is the community hero, Miniclip is like his more professional, corporate brother. Dealing specifically in games, the website is home to hundreds of games made specifically by Miniclip employees. You won't find a community here, but that isn't to say that the website is hurting for it. With a ridiculous catalog of games and new ones being pushed out every week, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more efficient site, catering to all of your gaming needs.


Explosm has been noted for its highly popular cartoon series, Cyanide and Happiness, with a unique style and sense of humor. But no longer are these 10-second comedies constrained to just an image file. Known as "shorts," the Explosm sense of humor became animated with fully fledged voice acting and crisp presentation. It's the best thing behind the comics.

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