Guide to Drawing Anime Step by Step

Need advice on drawing anime step by step? Understanding the basics involved in creating a character's body parts and features can help you transfer your character from your mind to a sheet of paper or a computer screen.

Head And Face
It may be a creative move to draw an anime character with no head or face, but that remains an unpopular option, so you'll need to spend plenty of time on your character's head. To draw the head of an anime character, begin by drawing a figure in the shape of a tilted egg. After this, draw one line from left to right, and one from top to bottom. This cross shape will form the outline of your character's face. If you wish to attach a long neck and shoulders at this point, feel free. Toward each end of the line running right to left, draw an oval eye. Remember that anime characters tend to have large eyes with big pupils, and you-ll probably want to make adjustments for this. On the right side of the egg-shaped head, draw tiny ears by making half ovals. Finally, make a small mouth near the bottom of the line running top to bottom. After performing these steps, erase the cross lines, and behold an anime character's face.

The Body
The most challenging aspect of drawing an anime character involves creating the body. Using computer animation may ease the process, but many prefer to work on this freehand. Beginning at the neck, draw a long shape that looks like an empty figure 8 with a sharp bottom. Draw a line from just below the center of the figure to the bottom, as this will be the split between the character's two legs. An inch or so above the line, draw a V shape. This V shape will outline the split between the legs and the torso. Having outlined the torso, you may place a belly button in the lower center if your character will not be wearing a shirt.

If you're drawing a large anime character, you will want visually pronounced hands. To begin, draw a bell-shaped figure extending from the character's wrist. Make four fingers extending from the bottom of the bell, and a thumb on whichever side is appropriate. Next, draw three circles on each finger and thumb. One circle should be on the top, one in the middle and one on the bottom. After drawing these circles, trace around the outside to make proportionally reasonable fingers. When the fingers and hand are finished to your satisfaction, erase the circles.

Even if you are more interested in computer animation, keep in mind that the first step in graphic animation is often freehand drawing. Experimentation is crucial, but knowing the basics can unleash your creativity.

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If you want to create your own anime character, you can draw the character by hand, or several online programs let you pick and choose the anime features that you want.

To design your own anime character, part of the process involves sharing your work and getting responses from others. The Internet has become a terrific outlet for both feedback and information.

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To learn how to draw anime hands, try to think of ways to capture the movement of your character while keeping the hands in proportion with the character's body.

Find articles about create your own anime character, design your own anime character, drawing anime step by step and how to draw anime hands.

Find articles about create your own anime character, design your own anime character, drawing anime step by step and how to draw anime hands.

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