Database Software Definition

Understanding a database software definition can help you find the right product for you or your company. In short, database software is a computer program that stores and manages information. Depending on its intended use, database software can be trimmed down to a mailing list matrix, or it could be expanded to include customer history, preferences and credit card information.

The Nuts And Bolts Of Database Software
Databases are also known as information or data storage. Information is not randomly stored in databases. Instead, information is organized into related groups, or tables. Tables are grids that contain columns and rows. The columns are organizational tools that define each group of information. The rows contain the information. In the example of a mailing list, separate columns exist for first name, last name, street address and Zip code. The rows are populated with tidbits of information related to that particular column.

Examples Of Databases
Most of us use databases in our daily lives. One of the most commonly used database systems is mySQL. MySQL is actively behind the scenes at Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and WordPress. If you have ever visited any of these sites, you are already familiar with the impressive results of database software and how it organizes vast amounts of information into an easy-to-digest format.

Databases have not always been impressive. In the early days of development, databases were known for being rigid and inflexible. The simple prospect of searching for related information in a database was either tedious or impossible. Databases have existed since the earliest computer models, but they did not grow more sophisticated until the 1980s.

How Databases Help Business Practices
Databases are an integral part of technology and business. Businesses of all types can benefit from the implementation of database software. From hotels to hair salons, database software can simplify and organize the process of doing business. With database software in place, a business can schedule appointments, store credit card information, keep track of payments, send out invoices and share information with multiple users simultaneously.

Customers stand to benefit the most from database systems. With these systems, there is no need for the customer to repeat information because the records can be easily retrieved. For that reason, databases make for better customer relations.

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Database management software has so many uses. Its basic function is as a program that stores information and then allows you or other users to search, retrieve, sort, revise, analyze and order data, making database software perfect for everything from keeping your library organized to running a business Web site smoothly.

There are many types of databases that vary by function and data model.

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Wondering "what is database software"? Database software is an application designed to store, organize and manage information.

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