How to Delete MSN Search History

Want to delete MSN Search history? MSN Search, or Bing, keeps track of your searches for at least 48 hours, and you can see them by scrolling down the Bing search results page. The list grows longer and longer, with your most recent search on top. This is a convenient feature if you find yourself searching for the same subject on a regular basis, but it isn't all that convenient if you share your browser with someone else or have nosy coworkers. So, how can you take charge of your Bing search history?

Editing Your Bing Search History
To delete specific sections of your search history, click on the "See All" button underneath your search history. This will lead you to a page that lists your recent history. Click the "X" by the searches that you would like to delete. Then, when you return to the search page, that particular search will be gone.

Removing all of your search history is even easier. Just click the "Clear All" link underneath your search history, and your search history will vanish from the search results page, allowing you to start from scratch. Or, you can turn off the history tracking function entirely. Click the "Turn Off" link, which is next to the "Clear All" link, and then Bing will stop tracking your searches.

Hiding Search Suggestions
If you want to hide search suggestions that are based on your search history, go to Preferences on the top right of the Bing search results page. Under "Search Suggestions," uncheck the box that says "Turn Suggestions On."

Deleting Bing Search History Versus Deleting Browser Search History
Deleting your MSN Search or Bing search history won't have any impact on your browser search history. If your browser is set to capture your search history, then another user can simply access your search history that way, so you'll need to clear the history in your browser after clearing your Bing search history, or you'll need to change your browser settings so that the browser does not store your history. Head to the Help pages for your browser to find out how you can erase your search history there as well.

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