How do I Delete Everything From my iPod

Are you wondering "How do I delete everything from my iPod?" If your taste in music has suddenly changed or if you've purchased a used iPod and don't share the same taste in music as the previous owner, you will probably want to make the necessary changes to your iPod to reflect those differences. But, IPods can be confusing.

Deleting everything from your iPod is very simple. If you're using an iPod, you're probably also using iTunes. This is the program which stores your music, allows you to manage your playlists and videos and offers options such as an iTunes store, where you can purchase more music. When you hook your iPod up to your computer via USB cord, iTunes should open itself. Once iTunes opens itself, look for the section where your iPod does updates. This section will have your iPod name or number and also a button which says "Restore." Clicking on "Restore" will literally restore your iPod to its original state, meaning it will be wiped clear of music, video and photo files you have stored on it.

Of course you can also go through your music playlist, video and photo files and delete everything individually, but that could take hours, depending on how much you have on your iPod. Once the iPod is clear, you're free to start over.

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