How to Delete History From Your Hard Drive

Knowing how to delete history of Web browsing from your hard drive puts you one step ahead of the game when it comes to online privacy. You might already know how to clear the records of the pages you've visited from your browser, but your hard drive also records what you do. Here's how to keep your surfing as private as possible:

Start With Your Browser: No matter which browser you use, clear the cookies, clear the history and delete the Temporary Internet Files. You can also clear away Temporary Internet Files through your Windows Control Panel. Go to the Control Panel > Network And Internet Connections > Internet Options > General Tab > Browsing History > Delete.

Use A Registry Cleaner: A free registry cleaner like CCleaner is like a hazmat crew for your hard drive. It can wipe away temporary files not just in your browser but also on your hard drive, and it can pick up whatever your browser misses.

Erase The Files Permanently: If you are serious about wiping all your tracks from a computer, then you will need to make sure that the files you deleted really are gone-and that means more than simply emptying the Recycling Bin. You can download a delete program, which overwrites the space left behind by the file you just deleted. Options include File Shredder or Eraser, but read the reviews and download the program from a reliable source.

Try An Internet Cleaning Program: If you would rather keep it simple, you can invest in internet cleaning software, which handles most of these tasks. All you need to do is download the program and run it when you feel like you need a fresh start. Consider programs like the aptly named Window Washer.

However, keep in mind that no amount of computer cleaning can remove all traces of your online activity. The best data retrieval pros can find ways of getting at your information-but these tips can help you make it a little harder for them.

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If you want to permanently delete files from your computer, emptying your recycling bin is not enough. Follow these steps to guarantee that the file is gone for good.

You may want to delete Internet history because you never know who is watching what you do on the Internet these days. Protect your privacy and bring yourself some peace of mind by learning how.

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