How to Delete Recent Searches

Do you know how to delete recent searches? While it can be convenient to have your chosen search engine start suggesting search items as you begin typing the item you want to search, it can become a bit of an evil. Once you've used the browser long enough, the list can become quite long. You might become frustrated with Google and switch to a new search engine such as Bing, only to find that it does the same thing. The problem lies with your web browser, not the search engine.

Firefox: To delete recent searches from Firefox first click on the "Tools" tab at the top of the page. Then, scroll down to the "Options" tab at the bottom of the list. Click on the "Privacy" tab and you will see information about your History, Cookies and Private Data. Near the top of the list is "Remember what I enter in forms and the search bar." If the box next to that is checked, click it to uncheck the box. This should solve the problem. Another option might be useful is to check the box next to, "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox." This will clear you tracks every time you close Firefox.

Internet Explorer: Much like Firefox, you will click on the "Tools" tab at the top of the page. Then, select "Internet Options" at the bottom of the list. From there, click on the "Content" tab. Near the bottom of the page you will see "AutoComplete." Click on "Settings" next to AutoComplete. Make sure the box next to "Forms" is not checked. If it is, uncheck it.

Safari: Click on "Preferences" at the top of the page. From there, click on the "Autofill" tab. Make sure the box next to "Other forms" is unchecked.

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