How to Install Microsoft Office

You can install Microsoft Office from a download or from a CD. Microsoft Office Works is a suite of business software including a word processor and a spreadsheet. Depending on which version you buy, Microsoft Office software may also include PowerPoint, Access and other business programs.

Installing From a Disk
Insert the Microsoft Office disk into the CDROM or DVDROM drive. The program should automatically display a splash screen, then go into the options. If the disk does not automatically open, click Start>All Programs>Accessories>Run. Navigate to D:, or to whichever letter is assigned to your optical drive. Navigate to the executable file; depending on which version of Microsoft Office you are installing, it may be install.exe or setup.exe. Double click the file name, then click Run.

Follow the instructions on the screen to install Microsoft Office. If you do not want to install all of the components, choose customized installation. If you want to install all of the components, choose the standard installation option. For customized installation, you can tick or untick the checkboxes to select only the programs you want.

Install Microsoft Office from a Download
Installing from a download is the same process, except that you purchase and download the Microsoft Office program of your choice from Remember where you saved the executable installer. Run the installer, and the installer will guide you through the process. You will be able to choose standard installation or customize the installation.

Issues With Installation
If you have a previous version of Microsoft Office and your are installing a complete new version rather than an upgrade, you may be instructed to delete the old Office program first. To uninstall, navigate to Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel. Click on Microsoft Office, then click Uninstall. Restart the install program from the disk or the download.

Registration Key
When you purchase Microsoft Office, you will be given a registration key. You must enter the registration key for the program to work, unless you downloaded a demo. If you downloaded a demo, you must purchase the registration key after a set amount of days, usually 30, or the program will cease working.

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