How to Install Microsoft Paint

You don't need to install Microsoft Paint. This utility comes with Windows, and should not need to be reinstalled, unless the program crashed, your hard disk became corrupted or you deleted it. You can reinstall the Microsoft Paint program through the control panel or with the Windows disk, if you have one. Even if you uninstalled the program, the needed .cab file should still be stored on your hard drive.

Using the Control Panel
Click Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs, then click Add/Remove Windows Components. Paint is an accessory, so click the Accessories and Utilities button, then click Details. Select Accessories, then Details again.

You will be presented with a list of accessories. Look for Paint in the list. If the check box next to Paint is empty, tick it, then click OK. The program will reinstall itself. If the check box is already ticked, untick it, then click OK. This will uninstall the non-working copy of the program. Repeat all of the steps, ticking the box, then click OK to reinstall a fresh copy of the program.

Using the Disk
Insert the Windows disk into your optical drive. A splash screen should automatically come up. Click Install, then choose the option to install only certain components. Make sure everything except Paint is unchecked. Click OK to reinstall Paint.

If you get an error message stating that Paint is already installed, go to Add/Remove Programs under Control Panel and choose Add/Remove Windows Components. Click Accessories and Utilities, then Details, then Accessories, then Details. Choose Paint from the list and uninstall it.

When Paint is installed properly, you should receive any updates to the program directly from Microsoft, as long as you have an active Internet conncetion. If you install Paint and it fails to run or runs poorly, try installing the latest Microsoft Paint update directly from the Microsoft Web site.

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