How to Install Microsoft Publisher

You may want to install Microsoft Publisher  to create professional-looking documents for printing or publication. Microsoft Word can be too limiting when it comes to page design. While there are other programs that can be used for desktop publishing, such as Adobe Photoshop or Quark XPress, Microsoft Publisher software has the advantages of seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite and a lower price tag than professional publishing software. You can get a free Microsoft Publisher trial version that works for 60 days from the Microsoft Web site.

Installing Microsoft Publisher
Download Publisher directly from Microsoft. Make a note of where it's saved on your hard drive. If you are using Firefox, you can access the installation file directly from the download box. Simply right-click the name of the file, then click Open. If you are using a browser that does not provide a download box, access the installation file by clicking Start>All Programs>Accessories>Run, then double-clicking the installation file. Click Run after the file appears in the Run box.

The Microsoft Publisher program will open and ask you to agree to the terms. Click "I agree," then Next  to go through the rest of the installation process. Choose all of the default settings as you follow the instructions on the screen. The installer will ask you if you want to reboot after installation: choose Yes. When the computer reboots, you will have access to the Microsoft Publisher program via the Start Menu or the icon on your desktop.

If the installation requires a registration key, type the key into the appropriate box. If you do not have a registration key, the program will not work unless you are using a demo. If you are using a demo, the demo will expire after 60 days unless you purchase a registration key.

Once the program is installed, be sure to check the Microsoft Web site for patches and updates. If you are running Microsoft Publisher 2007 Service Pack 1, be sure to download a new security update that will prevent hackers from gaining access to your computer by exploiting Publisher.

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