Does My Computer Have Java Enabled

Are you wondering, "does my computer have Java enabled?" you ask. Java is a platform and programming language used for many applications. Java allows users to employ interactive features, run created programs in a Web browser and enhance the online flexibility of portable devices. However, before a user can enjoy the full spectrum of Java's functions, they must know if it is enabled on their computer.

Checking Whether Java Is Enabled Using Windows XP
The most commonly used Internet browsers supported by Windows XP are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Both browsers allow for a user to easily check whether Java is enabled on their computer, via slightly different processes. To check whether Java is enabled using Mozilla Firefox, open the browser and click once on Tools. In the menu that drops down, click on Options. Once the Options box opens, click on the Content tab near the top of the box. Doing so will open a list of several options, including Enable Java in the first section. Enable Java will have a box next to it. If it is checked, Java is enabled. If it is not checked, it is not enabled, and a simple click on the box will enable it. If any change has been made, click on OK.

Checking if Java is enabled using Internet Explorer is slightly different, but equally simple. Click on Tools, and then Internet Options. When the box opens, click on the Advanced tab on the far right. This will open a long list of options next to checked or unchecked boxes. Scroll down until you see the Java heading, under which there will be the choice to enable Java. Again, a checked box means it is enabled, while an unchecked box means it is not.

Checking Whether Java Is Enabled Using Mac OS
If using Mac OS, click on Macintosh HD on the Desktop. When the box of options opens, click on Applications. At the bottom of the list which opens, you will find the Utilities option. Click it. In the middle of the new list that opens is a folder called Java, which you need to open. Once you open the folder, click on Java Preferences. Inside the Preferences section, click on the Advanced tab near the top of the box. After doing so, a list of checked or unchecked options will inform you of Java's current status. Again, to enable or disable, simply check or uncheck the relevant circles.

The Wonders Of Java
Java is a platform and programming language that can enrich your computer experience. However, many users do not know how to check whether Java is enabled, and they may go months or years without using it. Equipped with the knowledge of how to check Java's status, you can be assured you are utilizing the platform's multitude of features.

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