How to Make Digital Pictures Smaller

Knowing how to make digital pictures smaller is a necessity if you want to send pictures via e-mail, upload pictures to Web sites or shrink a picture's dimensions for artistic purposes. No matter your operating system, you can downsize an image in a few minutes with the help of some simple programs.

Making Digital Pictures Smaller Using Windows XP And Vista
Making digital pictures smaller using Windows XP is simple if you download the free PowerToy program Image Resizer. Once you have installed Image Resizer and uploaded or downloaded the picture you wish to shrink, right-click on it, and select Resize Pictures. A box will open that contains four size options. To make your picture small, select the Small option, which will customize the picture to fit a 640x480 screen. After clicking OK, a new version of your picture will be created. Now the picture is small enough to send or upload to a Web site. Unfortunately, Image Resizer does not work with Vista, but the free software VSO Image Resizer fills in the gap.

Making Digital Pictures Smaller Using MAC OS X
A wonderful MAC OS X compatible program for making digital pictures smaller is iPhoto. iPhoto will allow you to manipulate, shrink and expand your images through a simple interface. Should you be unsatisfied with iPhoto's handling of your digital photography needs, check out Graphic Converter, which is also an efficient and simple program.

The digital megapixels that comprise a digital photograph can take up a lot of space on your hard drive or in someone's inbox. If you're just sending an image or posting it to a Web site, chances are good that you don't need to go with the highest quality possible. Shrink an unwieldy picture down to a compact form, and the image should make it to your friend's inbox or a Web site page without any trouble.

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