How to Change Windows Toolbars in Internet Explorer

You can change Windows toolbars for Internet Explorer without too much trouble. Since a toolbar is a set of buttons that include shortcuts to perform computer tasks, users can change Windows toolbars to bring up the features they use the most. The Windows designers have put the buttons most frequently used into pre-arranged toolbars that are grouped by task. Changing those toolbars allows computer users to customize their computer screen for optimal productivity and convenience.

Turning Toolbars Off And On
Place the cursor over a toolbar that you want to turn off. Right click on the toolbar, and note the small menu that displays the toolbars that are currently available. If a toolbar is visible, it will show a check beside it. Simply select that check to hide that toolbar. Reveal a new toolbar in the same way. Just select the space next to the chosen toolbar, and the checkmark will appear, revealing the toolbar.

Arrange Toolbars
A toolbar can be moved to certain places on the screen with ease. Right click on the toolbar, and see the "Lock the Toolbars" option. Select it to remove the check mark. This frees the toolbars to be moved around the screen to a new toolbar location. Note that there will be dotted lines on the left of each toolbar; you can grab the toolbars with the cursor and drag them to various places at the top of the Internet Explorer toolbar. When the toolbars are arranged in the way you like, right click on any toolbar, and lock the toolbars in place again.

Customize Buttons
For serious users, customizing the toolbars is a convenient way to put the most used buttons right where you need them. Right click on a toolbar, and select the "Customize" option. A new window will appear that allows you to add or remove various buttons. You can also select the size of the buttons. When the toolbar has been arranged to your satisfaction, select "Close" and the new toolbar will be in place. You can rearrange its location on the screen, if desired.

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